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Filament tapes

Filament tapes are fiber reinforced tapes. Depending on structure they offer increased tear strength in longitudinal and/or transverse direction. Such tapes are commonly used and very suitable for reinforcing edges or sealing/closing of cardboard boxes, reinforcing packaging, pallet securing, unitizing bundles of products, and wherever there is

a high requirement on the tensile strength. Our filament tapes are longitudinally and transversely reinforced with fibers. Because of this fiber reinforcement they are extremely durable in all directions and provide an optimal resistance to external forces. This filament tapes can be found in all markets, particularly in industrial applications and in the cardboard industry. In addition to the very well-known standard rolls, we also offer cross-wound spools by which we can achieve very high running lengths.

At the production of these (high-performance) filament tapes we use a polypropylene substrate and a synthetic hot melt adhesive (solvent-free).

Standard program

longitudinally and transversely reinforced tapes in various width are available as standard products from stock.

Width and running length

-  19, 25, 50 75mm, other width on request

-  Standard 50 m, other length on request

   (max. length depends on width)

   (max. length depends on width)

Available forms

- Standard packaging 24, 36, 48 pcs.

- other packaging for industrial use on demand

- tapes on cardboard cores 76mm

Main applications

Closing and reinforcement of boxes etc. with high strength requirements, Bundling and strapping of products, backup support


Filament tapes can be applied by  means of (light) pressure

Cross wound spooling

On request filament tapes can be offered in cross wound variations, max. length depend on the tape width, core 76mm/152mm

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