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Hot Melt thermo activated tear tapes

Tear tapes are a universal key to open the packaging of a product which has been individually protected. Due to our individual solutions our tear tapes can be found at many applications in various industries such as chocolates boxes, biscuit wrappers, tobacco industry, CDs, tea bags, toiletries, personal care, and many more.

The choice of the appropriate tear tape depends primarily on the function and the required properties, as well as of the possibilities of the packaging machine respectively packaging process.

Through our manufacturing partners, we have access of decades of experience, which enables us to introduce new ideas and/or demands to market very quickly. This results into tear tapes, which are precisely tailored to the desired requirements offering attractive additional benefits and support the manufacturing process efficiently. In addition to our standard PET hot melt thermo activated tear tapes, other versions with different base are available.

Standard program

Various common width and colors (transparent, red, gold and centerline in gold) are available as standard products from stock.

Width and running length

-  2,0 mm ( up to 10,0 mm on request an type)

-  Standard 6.000 m at 2mm, other length on    request

   (max. length depends on width)

Available forms

- Spools with side boards, core: 29 mm

- Standard PET, other film types on request

- Standard thickness total 55 µm

   (max. length depends on width)

Main applications

Opening aid for various packaging systems. Due to food approvals suitable for most food packaging (details on request)


Hot melt tear tapes can be applied by means of heat with or without pressure. Additional versions: low temp. hotmelt, sealing wax


The tapes are either transparent, fully colored, metalized or printed up to ten colors based on individual customer layout.

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